Bolzano, 23th February 2012
 Dear Company,
another year has gone by and the 7th edition of the International Competition “Acquaviti d’Oro”  has come. Year after
year, events and attendance keep on increasing. In the last edition, 61 distilleries from Italy, Germany and Austria participated, 192 were the brands, 74 the medals assigned, and 170.000 the stickers printed. These figures show how much ANAG is appreciated, with its competent members from Italy, and also how efficient the organization is.
We are going to award a medal only to 30% of the attendees in each product’s category, and this allows to increase the value of every single Grappa and Distillates in their category.
Like in the last edition, in order to emphasize the products awarded and the elite image of the competition:

• selection will be performed through the ANAG qualitative card;
• the winning Grappa and Distillates can be awarded with three different
 prizes: Best Gold, Gold and Silver;
• prize-giving will be communicated within 15th May 2012.
This allows winners to get and put the Best Gold/Gold/Silver stickers on their bottles in a short time, so that they can advertise their winning products. To ease the peeling off, stickers are provided on a tape.

The news announced in the last edition have been fulfilled and in its first 9 months the website registered 3.200 visits and 20.000 page visualizations. These figures are making us pride: they prove how this competition has reached a certain level, attention and popularity among experts and fans of such products.
The e-mails we have received confirm us that distillers really appreciate the structure of this competition, which looks like a showcase of the awarded Grappa. Another innovation lies in the e-mailbox, a very practical method to communicate with users.

Certificates are provided both in digital and print format. Digital diplomas anticipate the print ones, so that companies can quickly put them on their website or attach them to e-mails, as an information document for their customers. From this edition on, considered the high number of foreign  visitors of our website (especially from Germany and U.S.A.), we will provide texts in German and English, as well.
We wish these small steps, together with our large efforts, will increase the value of such precious products. Like in the previous edition we are supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Asti, the place where ourheadquarters is located, and by our sponsors.
I am convinced you also understand how an award at the InternationalCompetition “Acquaviti d’Oro” can increase the  value and prestige of a company.
Therefore we hope you will choose to participate in our competition.
Registration is open until April 6th 2012.
                                                                                                   The President

                                                                                              Silvano Facchinetti